MAGAMP ® K Slow Release Fertiliser

JPR's Garden imports direct from the manufacturer in the USA. Magamp ® K Slow Release Fertiliser has been used and trusted by gardeners world-wide for many years.

This chemical fertiliser is designed with a balanced nutrient level including Nitrogen (7%), Phosphorous (17.5%), Potassium (5%) and Magnesium (7%). It comes in two varieties - medium grade which lasts in the soil or potting medium for over 6 months and coarse grade which lasts for over 12 months.

One of the benefits of Magamp ® K is that the dissolution rate of nutrients is not severely impacted by moisture or temperature changes, therefore growers can avoid the dangers associated with over absorption in response to dramatic weather patterns. Magamp Fertiliser ensures producers achieve healthier foliage and more colourful growth year after year.

Magamp K nutrients can be delivered via the Easy Feeder attached to your hose or tap. Magamp can also be used every 6 months mixed through the potting soil or potting medium (medium grade) or every year sprinkled on top of the soil or potting medium (coarse grade). Both grades contain fast release nutrients for the basal period and slow release nutrients for gradual release throughout the duration period.  For use in the Easy Feeder, coarse grade is recommended.

Magamp comes in a range of container sizes - 500 grams, 1 kilo and  2 kilo packs. Magamp is now available in bulk 22.6kg bags.  See order form for cost details.

Magamp ® K Slow Release Fertiliser is a stable chemical solution and has a very long shelf life. Kept in a cool, dry place in an airtight container, it will last for many years prior to use.

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2kg (left) and 1kg (right)
Magamp Medium Grade
Magamp Coarse Grade